Catering service

Plant-based, sustainable and ethically sourced food for any meeting, event or occasion


Why Lovage Project?

After closing for trading in the 2020 lockdown, we started to offer catering to help fund our social engagement projects. Our catering service provides nutritious and delicious meals, snacks, desserts and drinks for any meeting, event or occasion.

By choosing Lovage Project to cater your social event, you are participating in sustainable food and waste practices and supporting communities experiencing food insecurity.

We offer discounted prices for all charities and CIC registered companies

Rocky road with coffee


Finger Food

  • Pea and cream cheese stuffed cucumber ‘boat’ with carrot lox
  • Mini potato empanadas
  • Georgian aubergines and walnut rolls
  • Millet herbs ‘ricotta ‘ stuffed tomato
  • Kimchi and rice nori ‘burrito’ with peanut ginger dressing

Sandwiches, Pitas & Wraps

  • Roasted aubergine with tomato and basil pesto on sourdough
  • Chipotle black beans with tomato salsa and green peppers and avocado spread wrap
  • Chipotle hummus with sunflower seeds and house-made pickles bagel (wheat, soya)
  • Vegan kebab with muhamarra on focaccia
  • Pulled oyster mushrooms and squash ‘cheese’ sauce on sourdough
  • Green pea pate with carrot lox bagel


  • Apple, berries and walnuts Bircher muesli
  • Polish Drozdzowka with raspberries (yeast-raised sweet bun)
  • Vegan bacon, mustard and sausage bun
  • Roasted portobello mushroom with tomatoes, smoky, salty coconut and spinach breakfast bun (wheat, soya)


  • Rhubarb and coconut cream pie
  • Cashew and strawberry raw cheesecake
  • Polish fruit crumble tart (wheat)
  • Coffee and walnut cake (wheat, nuts)
  • Mini Pavlovas with tonka beans, cream, and berries
  • Chocolate and cream pie


  • Teas & coffee
  • Fresh-made Strawberry and ginger lemonade
  • Fresh-made Lime and parsley green lemonade
  • Fresh-made Hibiscus iced tea

We also serve mix sandwich and finger food platters, lunchboxes, salads, and hot food upon request.

To see our full menu, prices and to book, please email:


Thank you again for your support and the wonderful catering. Everyone praised the variety of options and multiple people expressed that it was the tastiest food they'd had all week.

Ben, Blue Crab Strategies